Sports City Tycoon (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Sports City Tycoon Mod Apk
App Name
Sports City Tycoon
Publisher Pixodust Games


Size 69M
Latest Version 1.6.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlocked
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Update 11 Nov 2020
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Sports City Tycoon
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The Sports City Tycoon Mod is a mod for the popular game Mafia Wars that puts players in control of an amusement park. It allows you to build, upgrade, and maintain your own amusement park complete with rides, restaurants, and shops.


You are given an overview of what the grounds look like, the types of rides available, and any additional features or perks that can be unlocked. It also gives you all of the different types of games you could have as a part owner of the park, including basketball courts, bowling alleys, playgrounds, and tennis courts.


There are different ways to unlock the different games that are available for play. The first way is through the purchase of the game. This is a pretty good idea as it gives you all of the content and updates of the games at a low cost and then gives you the option to either play them for free or purchase them from the market place.


The other option is through downloading them onto your computer through the Internet. This is a very convenient way to get all of the updates and content that you want.


One thing that you can do while playing is to unlock different categories of rides like roller coasters. This makes things a lot more interesting as you can choose from a wide range of rides that range from simple to very complicated.


All of the content for your entertainment park are customizable so you can change the prices of tickets, add attractions, and make it look much better and more interesting. It also gives you a lot of flexibility on what type of entertainment center you want to have so you can decide to have either indoor or outdoor games.


Once you have created the amusement park, you can create the various types of games that are needed. You will be able to customize the games so that they are not just simple slots that you can buy but also include activities like bowling, tennis, and other forms of physical games.


You can choose from several games that are available. You can even add some more games if you wish. The good thing about this is that it gives you a lot of options for your amusement park to expand.


The amusement park will have many different activities such as, arcade games, virtual bowling games, video games, and more. All of these are great games to play with your family and friends as well as to entertain yourself while relaxing at home.


Another great activity that you will find is the water park. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing water activities which can be quite exciting.


This amusement park has great facilities that you could use to stay fit and stay healthy as well. You can take part in aerobic activities that will keep you in shape and help you fight off diseases. There are even mini golf courses where you could play around and enjoy the water as well as the different types of games that are available.


The entertainment park will give you the chance to have all the great activities that are required to entertain yourself and the family in an all new way. In order to stay in shape and in the mood, you have to do it regularly and get plenty of exercise.


The entertainment park can provide hours of entertainment as you can participate in various different forms of games that are very relaxing and fun. The different activities give you a great workout that will keep you in good shape.

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