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Into The Dead 2

For fans of Plants vs. Zombies, Into the Dead 2 is the perfect mod for you. The mod takes us into the world where we previously saw Dr. Isaac’s laboratory. Here, you will get to experience the events that happened to the characters in the game when Dr. Isaac’s laboratory was attacked by zombies. You, as a part of Zombie Army, are tasked to save the remaining humans trapped within the facility. Although the storyline is just part of the Into the Dead 2 mod, it is already proving to be fun and exciting.


Zombie Army is a mod for the newest versions of the popular game called Zombies. This mod features 60 new levels of undead combat that will really keep you on the edge. As a member of Zombie Army, you can help your friends as they try their luck fighting against waves of zombies in the quest for survival. You can also earn cash and other rewards as you make progress in the game.


There are several story lines available to follow in the Into the Dead 2 mod. One of these is the story line where you play as a member of Zombie Army. This will introduce you to the characters in the game and their unique abilities. Another story involves using powerful weapons in a series of missions and challenges. This will surely give you an adrenaline rush as you defend yourself from the undead.


Android apk version of the Into the Dead 2 mod has been released for download. This mod is compatible with all versions of the famous Zombie Simulator: Infection. You will enjoy zombie survival and the excitement of using powerful weapons as you fight with waves of the undead. The zombies in the game can attack you anytime so you have to stay protected at all times.


Zombie Army: Into the Dead 2 is the latest release by the Zombie Studios, makers of the popular Zombie Survival Kit game series. As its name suggests, this mod has been improved and made more exciting for a better game experience. It still follows the storyline of the first game and gives players another exciting adventure to enjoy. The overall game has been greatly enhanced and offers a variety of different levels and difficulty settings. In addition to that, it also provides users with a host of free content such as tips and secrets.


Some of the main features in the Into the Dead 2 mod include improved zombie effects, powerful weapons, better graphics and amazing special effects. The story is also updated with new episodes, so you will always feel immersed and involved in the exciting zombie game. The overall graphics and effects are quite impressive, especially when compared to similar games on mobile devices. Other features include optimized playability for tablets and smart phones, improved compatibility with a variety of mobile devices and many other features that enhance the playing experience.


Zombie Army: Into the Dead 2 features a fresh storyline, an improved gameplay and some of the best weapons and zombies to be found in any zombie survival game. The game now features two different campaign options, which allow you to switch between the two stories at the drop of a hat by choosing a level you want to start at. You can also play as a specific character, which gives you additional freedom when it comes to customizing your playstyle. This mod pack also includes a number of different weapons and equipment that you can use during gameplay. There’s also a number of secrets to uncover in both campaigns.


In addition to all these features, the Into the Dead 2 mod now features the all new DayZ mode, which takes the basic concept of the undead survival game and gives it a more intense and fast paced twist. DayZ mode improves upon the zombie survival aspect of the original game considerably. It introduces a number of new weapons, makes the zombie attacks much more intense and adds some neat features like getting hit by a car and slowing down time. Although it may not have all the content present in the original game, it still is one of the best mods for Dead Island and is recommended for anyone who enjoys the zombie styled games on Play station 3.

Into the Dead 2
Into the Dead 2
Developer: PIKPOK
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