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Idle Girls Mod Apk
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Idle Girls
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Update 9 Jan 2020
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Idle Girls

Download Idle Girls Mod APK Pro – The best Clicker game! Tap and drag to enhance idle girl hotel. This game is suitable for all ages, age range and gender, so everyone can enjoy it.


Idle Girls Game story is a fairy tale with a lot of romance and fantasy. Princess Anna is an orphan who has lost her parents. She lives in the kingdom of Norway, where she runs a small inn. One day, she finds herself trapped in an evil castle by her own half-sister.


Her sister forces her to marry the Prince, but when Anna refuses to do so, she and her roomies escape. They find their way into the palace of King Frederick, where they meet a mysterious man. The princess is attracted to him, but he leaves her to look after the baby that she finds. The boy is born a half-sister to her, so Anna is left with four boys to raise.


Her sisters try to stop Anna from marrying Prince Frederick, but she doesn’t listen to their complaints. She goes ahead with the marriage anyway. One of the four boys falls in love with her, so they team up to stop King Frederick from marrying Anna to the Prince.


The Idle Girls Game includes many features and exciting scenes. The graphics and sounds are amazing, making it one of the most impressive clicker games.


Idle Girls Mod is easy to play, even for those who don’t know how to use the keyboard. You need not worry about remembering commands since the game gives you plenty of hints. When you are ready to start the story, choose the option “Open Story.” Click on the character’s picture and read her story. If you want more information, click on the “Book” button.


Idle Girls Game is also very enjoyable for kids. Its storyline is not only filled with magic and romance, it also teaches kids about love, friendship, cooperation and other values. This is why this game has become so popular all over the world.


Download the free version of Idle Girl Mod APK and give it a try. You will be very happy that you did. Give your child the opportunity to explore the wonders of this addictive and fun game. and let them enjoy their life with idle games like idle girls!


The animation of an idle girl’s game looks beautiful and is fun for kids. There are also many interesting scenes where the kids run around and solve problems. The backgrounds are also very detailed.


Idle Girls Mod is free and can be downloaded from various websites. Some of the sites have different download versions of the game for different operating systems. However, the player can also get the game and other bonus downloads by logging in to My Computer or eBay.


If you want to play idle girls in your computer, you can install the idle girls mod APK. and start playing immediately. Your computer will immediately boot up and load the program.


You can choose from three different personalities for playing the idle girls in this game. Each of them has a different set of skills. Choose the one that has a lot of patience, as she is a good player who can play for longer hours.


The good listener has a lot of patience, as she is always at your side and can handle several children and visitors at the same time. She is very friendly and very helpful. She is also very caring and very loyal. The thief has a lot of luck and skill, as she is a skilled player who can easily get the items dropped by the kids.

Idle Girls
Idle Girls
Developer: Amrita Studio
Price: Free+
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