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Criminal Case Mod Apk

Criminal Case Mod ApCriminal Case Mod Apkk –  is an investigative-themed hidden object game developed by Zynga for Facebook. An iOS version of this game was released in the United States on October 15, 2020, followed by an Android game in August 2020, and finally, an iOS version in April 2020.


The player assumes the role of an investigator who must solve cases with his or her team of detectives. Every case starts with the player answering questions about the crime. The cases are based around real crimes and have many elements common to real cases. The main difference is that the clues for each case are different than those found in real cases.


There are five levels in each case. The first five levels are simple, while the last five levels are more challenging. The cases in the first five levels all revolve around solving a specific crime. The cases in the last five levels all revolve around solving other crimes or clues found throughout the story.


The investigation process is divided into several stages. The first stage, called “Forensics”, involves searching for clues, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing crime scenes and evidence. The second stage, called “Provenance”, involves gathering facts and evidence through the use of written and visual evidence. The third stage, called “Analysis”, analyzes the data gathered from all three steps and determines which suspect is most likely to be guilty.


Criminal Case Mod Apk

The five stages are all designed to be completed in one sitting. However, some of the investigations can take weeks or months to complete. Some cases are solved in a few days or even hours. To speed up the investigation, several investigation options are available. Some are unlocked when the player completes a certain amount of investigation points; others require completion of specific stages or are acquired later by purchasing them.


When the player completes each case, he or she will receive a number of points and access to various clues. These clues can either be hidden objects, items found in the scene, or objects found throughout the case itself. If the player finds a hidden object and tries to decipher it, he or she will be given the clue “Open”. If the player finds an item in a scene and tries to open it, the clue “Key” will appear in front of them.


The player’s choice will determine what type of clues will be displayed in front of him or her. Some of these clues are unlocked if the player makes a correct choice while other clues can be acquired by purchasing them from a store and must be unlocked by the player making a correct choice. The clues given for each case can also be viewed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Each case includes two endings. If the player chooses to unlock one of the two endings, he or she can obtain an additional ending by purchasing an additional case.


Once the player has found the hidden object, key or clue, he or she must then open the case in order to find out who committed the crime. This information is found by using the case’s case number to determine who the suspect is and by using the investigation clues to find out who the suspect is related to.


Investigation clues are located in a variety of places. The most commonly used clues include fingerprints, handwriting, photos, sketches, videos, and diagrams. Once the player has obtained any of these types of clues, they can choose to use them to find a link between the suspect and the crime. This can be accomplished by viewing one of the available pictures, video or voice samples.


One type of investigation point is to find a certain photo or sketch found in a scene. They must then find a matching fingerprint in an alternate version of the picture or sketch found in another scene and match the two images to see if they match.


A combination of handwriting and photographs can be found in the same scene and match the same handwriting. These photographs are usually available to view in a gallery found in the case’s case number. In the case of photos, the player can also select a specific picture to have it enlarged. This enlargement feature allows the player to compare different photos to each other to help determine the exact nature of the handwriting.

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